Wednesday, March 21, 2012

PLQ Article - Construction Zones on the Library Road to the Future

UPDATE!  March 26, 2012.  Public Library Quarterly has announced a full promotion of the article discussed below and is offering free access to the article from now, through the end of June 2012.  You can get the free copy by clicking here.  I hope you'll take PLQ up on this offer.


I'm pleased to say that the latest issue of Public Library Quarterly contains an article I authored entitled: "Construction Zones on the Library Road to the Future."  It's an expanded, more polished version (thanks largely to PLQ Editor, Glen Holt and his team at PLQ) of the topics I've blogged about previously.

The abstract reads: "This article suggests that substantial and often disturbing change is the only way that libraries can achieve a bright future in an increasingly digital world. Libraries must quickly adopt mobile technology, cloud computing, eScience, and the systematic organization and dissemination of quality information—and do so within the context of collaboration with other libraries in the region, nation, and world. Fiscal shortages can not be used as an excuse to postpone imperative changes; money has to be (and can be) found."