Monday, February 20, 2012

Academic Librarians – I need your help!

I’m a member of the newly reconstituted LITA Technology and Industry Interest group being Co-Chaired by Marshall Breeding (Vanderbilt University) and Matt Goldner (OCLC).  We’re developing a white paper on best practices or suggested guidelines for librarians when implementing cloud computing solutions.  As part of this, we’re trying to build a list of products by type and name that your institution would expect a cloud computing library management product to interface with via API’s, Web Services or through other standardized interfaces.   Please post a comment, or send me an email message telling me all the types of systems your library is using and, if you don’t mind, the product and vendor names.  For instance list the ERM, digital repository, administrative, distance education, course management, learning management, authentication, authorization, etc. systems used on your campus.  

Note that we’re also looking for more librarians to become involved in this group as our membership is currently a bit vendor heavy.   Check out the URL’s below and if you’re interested, please let me, Marshall Breeding or Matt Goldner know by sending one of us a message.

IG Web site:
E-Mail List:

Also, a note for regular readers of this blog.   It came to my attention that the RSS and Email notifications of this blog were pointing to the old location, which of course is no longer valid.  So, I've corrected this, but if you like to receive RSS or Email notifications it will mean you need to sign up for them again.  Sorry for the inconvenience.