Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New book on Cloud Computing in Libraries

I just wanted to give readers a heads-up that there is a new book out on cloud computing in libraries. It’s called “Getting Started With Cloud Computing” and is edited by Edward Corrado of Binghamton University (and an Ex Libris customer) and Heather Lea Moulaison of the University of Missouri School of Information Science and Learning Technologies. It also contains a foreword by Roy Tennant of OCLC. A good start, right? It gets better as there are chapters by Marshall Breeding, H. Frank Cervone and numerous other practitioners and professionals, including yours truly. (Now just in case you’re wondering if I’m plugging this book to make some money, let me be clear that I was paid absolutely no money, nor will I be, even if you all turn this into a NY Times best seller -- unlikely I know, but one can always hope…).
Having now read the full work, I can honestly say that I think this work will prove useful to anyone interested in learning about cloud computing technology as well as the concerns and benefits. There are also very useful sections on some the actual technologies available in the cloud environment today and a host of case studies containing useful assessments and evaluations.
Cloud computing is going to substantially reshape many aspects of librarianship. This book will serve as an excellent background and reference to those interested in understanding how to best utilize this technology.