Sunday, July 18, 2010

Brilliant marketing in an academic library

I frequently lament the lack of training in marketing for librarians. As a result, it is all too often a missing component in library operations, or if it exists, it isn't done very well. So when I do see a marketing initiative that shows real marketing skills, I wholeheartedly embrace and applaud it.

Brigham Young University Library’s new video about doing research in the library is a masterpiece of marketing. It is based on the marketing phenomenon created by the Old Spice commercial which has taken the TV and the web by storm. If you haven't seen it, watch it. Then watch BYU’s version.

It makes you pay attention, it makes you laugh, it makes you think and I’ll bet it helps make more than a few students head to the library. Note that nearly a million people have already watched this video as of this date. It is brilliant, just brilliant. (BTW - They use Primo and Primo Central to provide their students with access to those "bucket loads" of information.)

My hat is off to to the BYU Library staff. I look forward to seeing what new marketing initiative they undertake next.